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Fuck it. Maybe Marc was a bit arrogant. He earned his wealth through blood, sweat, and tears. And right now, while the money was thick, the blood was getting thin.

Not having control made Marc uptight and tense. No wonder he was a Dom.

No bullshit. All right?

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Colleen Hoover. A uniformed guard pokes his head in, checks the small room, and exits. Sally Thorne. Developers can make some crazy effects with simple user actions like hovers and mouse clicks. It was very interesting and inspiring.

Gimme a break. Marc eyed her appreciatively. Thank God.

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Finally, his two best friends were laughing with each other again. With the ice broken, the men drank and watched the strippers dance for a while. Elisabeth looked hot, wearing practically nothing, her long dark hair spilling over her shoulders. Marc glanced over at Roman to see if he was as mesmerized as he had been for a moment there, and found Roman gone. Had Roman left? Maybe it was for the best.

Roman thought he was still in love with Elisabeth, which at this point in the game—the night before the wedding—was just hurtful to everyone involved. Be happy for him. She made a choice already. But someone else will. Both of us will find someone, someday. Have faith, brother. Marc laughed. Mistress Lauren, who is as un submissive as they come? But you. Any sub at WhipperSnapper will be happy to fuck you, much less go to one of the biggest weddings of the year. Marc ran his hands over his scalp, the feel of the tiny stubble soothing him, as it always did.

Hire an escort, some gorgeous model who you can take home and fuck and leave in the morning. It will make you feel better to have someone to boss around at least at the party. The thought of Lauren—the only other person in the world he considered his best friend besides Trevor and Roman—dancing and flirting and who-knows-what-else with another man made Marc inexplicably jealous. Yes, she was beautiful, with her long red hair and curves that made him dizzy with desire, especially when she was laced up tightly in a corset that pushed out the pale white globes of her breasts as if to taunt him.

But he had no stake in her. Marc and Lauren always took other lovers, and had never even kissed, because they were friends. Only friends. He laughed, remembering the time he and Lauren had a contest on who could drink the most shots.

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