Chapter 9: More Ghosts
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A local warrior guided them to Lake George, helped them fashion a canoe, and drew them a rough map of Lake George and Lake Champlain -- and then departed.

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December 16, - Lake Champlain was reached, the first time English colonists had set foot there. Strong winds and ice slowed their progress, their provision ran out and they were forced to live off the land. But nothing could stop these two men for long. On or about January 6, the trackers reached the frontier of Canada, nearly 4 months after the raid on Hatfield. In a nearby town Hannah Jennings and a few other captives were found.

The other hostages were close by with their captors.

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Person:Benjamin Waite The first meeting house was built in Show password. She with two of her children were carried captive. John White's gun, loaned by J. It is our purpose of the 24 grandchildren named Waite, to follow but one, viz.

Immediately Waite and Jennings started for Quebec to bargain with Governor Frontenac for the release of the hostages. With the governor's help, the payment of two hundred pounds secured the release of the English. Of the 21 captives, 17 were returned; 2 children had been killed during the long trek north, probably because they fell ill. Sergeant Plympton of Deerfield was burned at the stake in Canada.

Two children were born in Canada. Martha Waite had a daughter on January 22 who was named Canada. Nearly two months later, Hannah Jennings had a daughter who was named Captivity.

The English remained in Canada until the winter weather was over. At long last, on May 2, , the entire party began the long, slow trip back home. When they reached Albany, the following letters were sent off to Hatfield:. Troubled relations continued between the settlers and Indians over the next 24 years. On Feb. Forty-seven English men, women, and children were killed and residents were driven on a forced march through heavy snows to Canada.

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Mary, the eldest d. John Belding; and Canada m. Her mother [Mary Waite], along with other members of the family, was taken captive by the Indians and taken to Canada, but was released through persistent efforts of her father [Sgt.

Benjamin Waite], who lived in the house adjoining the one where Isaac and John were killed in Person:Benjamin Waite Browse Waite in Portsmouth in Deerfield. Parents and Siblings. Spouse and Children. Don't want ads? This page was last modified , 20 February See Terms of Use for details. Others were brutally killed when they could no longer plod forward or were disabled by frostbite. The Indians used the prisoners to obtain ransom money. Arrangements were often made through Indian traders at Albany and the Quebec Governor was used as a negotiator between the traders and the Indians.

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Men working in the fields that September day in knew what was happening when they heard women screaming and the blood-curdling Indian war whoops. They rushed toward the settlement, where dead bodies lay outside of burning houses. Twelve were dead and four wounded. Seventeen had been captured as the Indians escaped with their plunder. So were the wife and two children of Stephen Jennings. Waite was an accomplished Indian scout who knew how to survive in the unsettled wilderness. They headed for Boston, then Albany, to get designated and funded as agents to bargain for release of the captives.

A local warrior guided them through the snowy landscape to Lake George, helped them build a canoe and drew them a rough map of Lake George and Lake Champlain. Some accounts say Waite and Jennings were the first English colonists to set foot on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Martha Waite

At Quebec City they bargained with Gov. Frontenac for release of the hostages. Payment of two hundred pounds secured release of the prisoners. Of the 21 captives, 17 were returned. Two children were born in Canada. The English remained in Canada until the winter weather abated.

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They left for home May 2, Joint French and Indian forces about strong attacked the village. Striking at dawn, they leveled the town and killed 56 colonists — 22 men, 9 women and 25 children. They took as captives settlers, some of whom were ransomed when the English released a French pirate.

Benjamin Waite was among the men driving the invaders across the Deerfield meadows when French troops reinforced the Indians. The English colonists were forced to retreat.

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His fatherless family had an eight-acre house lot on the west side of Main Street, it being the fourth lot north of the Deerfield road, plus other lots in the outlying divisions of the town. Benjamin was about 60 when he was killed. Benjamin and Martha were married in at Springfield, Massachusetts. We feel a need to reflect and reminisce, to be together. There is a compulsion rising up in all of us to return and warm ourselves by the fire of word