How Marijuana Will Save The World

Mexico could be a step closer to legalising marijuana
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Uncertainty about longrun demand for hemp products and the potential for oversupply discounts the prospects for hemp as an economically viable alternative crop for American farmers. So which one is it? Author, NPR contributor, and self-described solar-powered goat herder Doug Fine says yes it cannabis. Though his big Aha! And now, in Hemp Bound: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution , he's penned a primer for the future hemp farmers and consumers of Earth, upon whom relies, apparently, the very survival of our species.

Europe could lose more ground in the medicinal cannabis industry

Of course, if you've smoked at least two ounces of pot in your life cumulatively or all at once , at some point, somebody must have already told you about hemp fiber's incredible strength and versitility , that the plant's seed oil is the world's most nutritionally complete single food source, that the crop thrives without pesticides and fertlizers, and that it has the potential to replace drilling, logging, mining, monoculture corn farming, and countless other environmentally destructive industries.

But after hearing all that, you probably just nodded politely, passed the Dutchie and moved on.


The author spoke with VICE while preparing for an extensive tour to spread the word about all things hemp. Including taking the very simple step of starting each day with a nice hemp smoothie. VICE: How do you talk about hemp without sounding like one of those guys on a street corner, hollering about salvation?

Related Stories How Marijuana Will Save The World (): The Cultural Criticism Of An Unhappy Citizen: Books. and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives. Save Settings Among other advantages, legalizing pot would would eliminate the strain on public lands resulting from its Yet another green benefit of legalizing marijuana would be an end to the destructive eradication.

Doug Fine: You mean how do I deal with the fact that your roommate in college with the lava lamp was basically right about hemp saving the world? Because, yes, this plant can, if we utilize it correctly, have a transformative impact on the future of humanity, including climate mitigation and—ultimately—freedom from fossil fuels.

Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

But first we have to deal with all of this cultural and political baggage surrounding it. So I do try to temper my exuberance. Also, I remind myself that those currently unable to visualize hemp's potential will be seeing it for themselves soon enough. In just a few years, we won't be discussing if hemp's going to be a massive industry.

Marijuana Mogul's Plan to Save the World: Border Wall Made of Hempcrete - Times of San Diego

While using about half the water, which actually allows dry cropping in places that have been ravaged by drought. In fact, because of its long, strong, fast growing roots, farmers can plant hemp in basically desert-like soil, and still turn a profit on the first harvest. So I believe hemp will eventually win out in the marketplace in a wide variety of industries, including energy, housing, textiles, and manufacturing. And this is worldwide, not just Stateside.

Hemp vs. plastic

They showed me a hemp-constructed tractor body, made from their own harvest, that was vastly stronger, lighter, and more fuel efficient than the petrol plastic hunk sitting next to it, and it took way less energy to construct. I was literally looking into the future.

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Plus I kicked it—it was strong. As Simon Potter, the center's sector manager for product innovation put it : We're coming back to something that we should have never forgotten about.

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These natural fibers work better than the often toxic materials made of petroleum. In the book, David West, a former Big Corn scientist turned hemp researcher, describes visiting America's National Seed Storage Library, where he found just a few bags of the once highly prized Kentucky hemp seed stock sitting in a hallway—long rotten.

West described a terrible loss, since the world renowned strain blended the best of Asian and European cultivars. So where will this year's hemp seeds come from? And does America have enough experienced hemp farmers to grow them?

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When frontier people and homesteaders set out to cross the then-wilderness to places like Missouri and Nebraska, they carried hemp seeds stored in coffee cans that ended up taking root all along those routes West. The legacy of that is millions of what are called ditchweed plants that come up every Spring in large areas of the country.

A Faster, More Efficient Solution

Cover with plastic wrap to keep from drying out, and put in a black container to keep out light. Hemp can be made into biodiesel at a 97 percent effectiveness rate. The restrictions upon medicinal marijuana use in some states are foolish and should be lifted. Racial tension would be decreased by lower arrest rate for young blacks. Legalizing Marijuana in the Philippines.

They were originally used not just as commercial crops, but as erosion control and cattle feed. Today, we taxpayers, in fact, currently pay millions of dollars to eradicate ditchweed , though it always comes back.

How Marijuana Will Save The World

So some argue that we can start by breeding with those cultivars that won out Darwin-style, as it's the heartiest seed stock around. It literally grows like a weed. Support for legalization has strengthened in Mexico in recent years as violence soars. Khiron is one of several listed Canadian weed companies.

Fox also joined the board of Hightimes Holding Corp, which owns the marijuana enthusiast magazine High Times, earlier this year. Since , Mexico has used military might to fight drug gangs, which have splintered into smaller groups battling over trafficking routes and territory. The country saw more than 31, murders last year, the highest total since modern records began, according to government data. Reuters Staff.

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