I became a best-selling author on Amazon in five minutes with three dollars
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There are simply too many books published each year — a million or more in the US alone — to rely on destiny, or fate, or even good word of mouth to get your book the attention it deserves.

Back to your book. Unfortunately for the fantasy, the number of authors who will fill bookstores, let alone stadiums, has become very small. Decide who will read your book — find your community. Segment that audience as specifically as you can. Figure out what your community does — connect with those activities. Marketing and selling a book is a long-distance run, not a sprint.

What are the best ways to crank out a book-length manuscript? And once you have, what about publishing it? What does that terrain look like? A publisher was an editor who found authors and books and actually worked with the author to make them great — and then figured out how to sell them. You need a new finish line. How do you get there?

You need to already have a loyal — even fanatical — following to fill a house for a book reading or talk. He held forth for a half-hour or so, and then took questions, and he was just as funny and clever as I expected the author of those books to be.

Choosing to self-publish

How to Publish a Book and Sell Your First 1, Copies. Step 1: Slave Over the Blank Page. You spend thousands of hours over several years writing your masterpiece. Step 2: Submit. You finally finish your book. Step 3: Receive Rejection Letters. Step 4: Self-Publish. Step 5: You Read Your Name In Print, Finally! Step 6. Nov 5, - Here's how to ensure that your book sells well in an over-saturated marketplace. thinks, let the publisher worry about marketing and selling the book. 1. Decide who will read your book – find your community. There are.

And again, the number of authors who generate that kind of excitement are few. Word of mouth is too chancy. How do you get your book the hearing — or viewing — it deserves? There are some exceptions, but most authors think that everyone in the world will want to read their book. Get over that, and focus on who really will read your book. If your book is about careers after college, you might target college seniors.

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If your book is about the conflicts between Armenians and Turks, you might target the Diaspora in the US. If your book is about new trends in IT, you might target heads of IT departments at major corporations. And so on. The point is to figure out who actually will read your book. This one will be controversial because some people have done very well launching their book for free.

They make the price free for the first few days and hope to get thousands of downloads. I tried this on my first two books and hated the results. Very few people ever leave a review for a book, maybe one in every readers. Another reason why I hate the free book launch process is because Amazon has two different ranking scales for free and paid books.

Your free book launch might do very well, vaulting you to a top spot in your category…but on the free ranking scale. Once you change the price, you move to the paid rankings and lose all your momentum. If you can use your book as a way to persuade people to buy other products or services, a process called a sales funnel, you might do very well offering it for free.

I know authors that make their book permanently free just to use it as a way to sell other products. Instead, you need to reach out to bloggers and your own network for reviews. They can be as short as a few words but a few sentences are always best. I like to get at least ten reviews within the first month of publishing a book. More is better but getting to double-digits is usually good enough to put you in a different class of books from those that have just a few reviews.

Getting reviews from other bloggers, friends and family is easier with your first few books but gets more difficult if you are publishing often and every year. Having a blog makes things easier because you can reach out to readers with a free copy as well.

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This will provide you with an extra stream of income. I write most only persona finance and money topics so investing, making money online and crowdfunding.

The Frustrated Writer’s Journey

Are your book only digital? Or do you have physical books too? I did not see any costs for the printing of the books. I publish the books in digital, print on demand and audio.

Self Publishing Simplified

The print on demand only charges when a book is shipped out so it comes out of the purchase price. Good for you! Self-publishing is actually mainstream already. Only the tradpub houses are left in the 20th century. Though sales should be looked at from an annual point of view, counted from the date of release.

There are sales cliffs, unexplainable downturns, bogeymen, gremlins, the lot. Not to mention the fratricidal attitude of some insecure authors in the genres you choose. But remember, writing and publishing are two different animals. The latter is the rambunctious one. Might try doing it as freelance work on some of the freelancer websites. Thanks for the insight, clarity and direction. I thoroughly enjoyed your article.

5 Steps to Avoid Frustrated Author Syndrome

It cleared up a few thoughts and provided insight in other areas. Your informational generosity is appreciated. This article is very illuminating…You have really provided a foot print for the emerging generation.

How to sell a million books with CJ Lyons

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Well done, and thanks again. Cassie J. I am a new author and hope to have my book ready for Amazon by the summer. Do you have a blog for step by step instructions to place your book on Amazon? My novel is non fiction romance and I am having a small mom and pop publishing company close to my home print out copies for ARCs. I will send to family and friends. So my ISBN number will already be on my book. I am in the process of copy writing now.

Since this is my first book ever in my life, is filling out the Amazon download self explanatory? Can I do this myself or will I need help? Thank you! Great to hear Carmin! Getting your book onto Amazon is really easy. You can upload it from a number of formats including Microsoft Word. You will get an ISBN number when you publish that will make the title yours. You could also do a search for related books to see what they are pricing at.

Q: If using Kindle to publish your book do you have access to order information? Who order and their email address?

Great article, thank you. I found some of the category information regarding the number of books in parenthesis but not quite as you described it. Also I have found that the categories on Amazon, from the customer facing point of view, seem different to the categories available in the KDP as a self publisher.

Have you found this to be an issue before? Great post! Although the course I took encourage students to launch for free I decided not to do that and go with. Helps you to protect yourself as well from random readers that just leave not so nice reviews because you are just giving away your book….. Thanks for sharing all these info.. Thanks for this article!

Also in the process of publishing my first book, though I am trying to decide whether I want to go for the Amazon option or doing completely independently on my own website as I already have a significant audience.

How I sold 1, copies of my book in three months (and maybe you can too). | Rob Dircks

I would publish on Amazon and just link from your website to the Amazon page. Thanks for this post. I appreciate this article.