Pecan Pie, Cigars, and the One and Only Secret to Happiness

30 Centenarians Share Their Secrets to Living to 100
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And in all three cases, the bars will still have chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. A company in Japan is selling a musical blender that allows you to taste your music.


A happy song equals a sweet flavor while an exciting song equals a sour flavor. Love songs have an astringent taste while sentimental songs have a salty taste. Sad songs have a bitter taste. She finished in just under seven-and-a-half hours. Status messages of up to characters that you can set to expire may soon come to Facebook.

The event was organized by the Young Nudists of Australia. Putting participants were 18 to years-old. The drink has a chocolate cream base that is topped with whipped cream and strawberry sauce doubling as fake blood. The drink is also available in Singapore, Sweden and Norway. Starbucks baristas in North America have yet to be asked to make the drink.

Bailey was disbarred in and is reportedly broke. Based on the average life expectancy in the U. Two of its tentacles work like legs and help it move while the six arms grab food. Today is National Pasta Day. Taco Bell is doing their promotion again this year where you can get a free taco after the first stolen base in the World Series. Competitive eater Molly Schuyler set a new pumpkin pie eating world record over the weekend when she downed 48 pieces of pumpkin pie in 10 minutes.

Gemma's Best Ever Pecan Pie

Molly ingested She beat her own world record by one piece. Asics Footwear is going to allow customers to customize their sneakers with in-store microwave ovens. Customers will choose custom colors, soles and other components before microwaving them in a mold at an Asics retailer. The custom shoes will bake for 15 seconds before they are ready.

And that means it can be hacked. Hackers could use that flaw to intercept any data you send from your computer or your phone. They could also possibly put stuff on your computer, like a virus. So what can you do about it?

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Unfortunately, not much. Until then, you can avoid public networks and stay on the one at home, because your router SHOULD have a little extra security to protect you. A study says swearing at work can fight off stress. The study showed bad language serves the needs of people for developing and maintaining solidarity, and as a mechanism to cope with stress.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. A little girl!!!! CBS cancelled it last year. The show is about a teenage detective. Conor McGregor baptized his son Connor Jr over the weekend before fire dancers, fireworks and a loud party ensued to celebrate the christening. Hello world. Is this thing on? The United States is one of the few countries that drinks milk cold. So their stunt doubles met on set that day. Honest Kitchen has created a pumpkin spice flavoring for dogs. According to a new study, the best U.

But three of the top five cities are in Colorado. Appleton was 48… Waukesha was 36…. Eagan, MN was 28…. One day he vanished, and no one heard from him again for a decade. But he recently turned up again at a center called Emmaus Greenwich that helps homeless people get back on their feet. It was right next to a community center for senior citizens, and he worked there as a gardener. Eventually Malcolm heard about Emmaus and decided to head there to interview. But, as far as we know, he has NOT gotten back in touch with his wife.

30 Centenarians Share Their Secrets to Living to 100

Guys say that their male friends JUDGE them less than girlfriends and they get over fights and arguments quicker. You just use an app to pick the Porsche you want in the moment, and someone will drive it to wherever you are.

And you can drive it for as long or as short as you want, kind of like how the old Netflix DVD delivery worked. A new study ranked the ten most and least stressful cities in the world. The least stressful is Stuttgart, Germany. The least stressful in the U.

And the most stressful city is Baghdad. More proof that TV is bad for your kids. Weekend viewing appears to have no negative effects on schoolwork. The study of middle school students ranging in age from 9 to 15 years also found schoolwork suffered among those allowed to watch adult, or R-rated, movies and cable channels with adult programming. To those peering in from the outside, they might have errantly believed that we were worshipping the spirit of a kale leaf.

Thus, before my bewildered eyes, even though we offered meditation, yoga, chanting and peace programs at the Raw Spirit Festivals, the events soon became far more focused on food than I had ever envisioned. It was a question of cultural dyslexia.

The kudzu monster of Lumpkin

Rather than an opportunity for gourmet indulgence, for me Raw Spirit Festivals were serious gatherings created to save lives, helping people improve their health and happiness while overcoming the rampant materialism and then-isolation of going it alone via fresh foods. Due to a nationwide giddiness with the unprecedented material wealth in the then-burgeoning American economy, whenever I would return to the USA, it was apparent that spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, ecstatic poetry and inspirational music were being overlooked in exchange for shopping and accumulating.

After decades of compromised health on a childhood Standard American Diet, a simple raw vegan diet is what saved my life.

My aim was to help save others the pain, fear and cost of needless hospitalization and pre-mature dying from so many self-caused, lifestyle and diet-related diseases. Some of the once-raw enthusiasts who have recently gone degrees against raw vegan fare all together, confided that they felt themselves to be secretly somehow superior when raw for what? Thus, there is an emotional component with associated quiet guilt or shame for judging others for eating exactly what they are now eating today. What are these folks now eating if there is little or nothing raw vegan in it?

Fried steak? Eating large quantities of meat may be temporarily helpful for those who depleted their systems via a longterm fruitarian or raw chocolate or gourmet or other imbalanced version of a raw diet, but any diet without at least some fresh greens is not optimally sustainable for more than a while.

Inuits are said to have had short life spans. Moreover, participating in factory farm practices of today is decidedly unsavory for those who entertain even a modicum of ethically consideration and health consciousness. Viva la liberdad!

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This is one reason why grains and dairy, with their variable degrees of digestibility and absorption, do not feature prominently in the long run in most raw diets. Why is it that human beings are the only animals that spend a large portion of their energy on overcoming self-caused illness and have to read books about what to eat and what not to eat?

This leads one to recall these words of wisdom:. Which brings a funny story to mind. Buy chocolate instead! You can live anywhere, but you need to eat, and you need to eat chocolate today! What should I do? As some of you have heard me say over the years, it was interesting to personally observe back in that, at least in Alaska where I was living in the coastal wilderness, the Grizzly Bears with whom I lived only mated after the salmon runs started fishing and eating fish.

Moreover, having lived with traditional vegetarian Hindus, I was at first surprised in the s to learn that these longtime vegetarians eat meat every autumn on Rama Sita night, the prescribed ritual religious night of love making.

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Around the world, vegetarian women who are in touch with their bodies often find themselves craving meat during their pregnancies, and if they are wise, they eat it, since they are producing a baby made physically of meat. Yes, my friends, we mysteriously come from meat. I have never been pregnant so cannot personally testify to this craving and seem to personally excel on copious vegetables with modest fruits.

So, I am not necessarily advocating that you go out and buy buy a barbecue! I have not, but who am I to say? However, I am advocating, as always with vivid examples, to forego extremism and, if it is time, to take up again that illuminating, most fascinating, lifelong search within.