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The story is well written. The writing style is smooth and flowing. I could find nothing wrong worth mentioning. After something as traumatic as giving up a child, couples normally do break apart.

Scenes and Spankings: Francescas Story (Coral Valley Spanking Series: Book 6) S. M. Sandalwood

Marriages often do when they lose a child too. So to see these two get a second chance spread warmth throughout me. I hope it does you too. Author: B. He did not return the feeling and it ended badly by Will acting like an immature jerk. It has been almost two decades.

Poppy has moved back into town and opened a catering business. When Will calls and asks her to come to the ranch and cook for his early season guests, she accepts.

Not only would the pay be great, but she would have four days to show Will what he missed out on. Revenge is definitely on her mind. Will feels bad about how things ended between them.

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Recklessness and Spankings: Amy's Story (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 1 ) - Kindle edition by S.M. Sandalwood. Download it once and read it on your. Papers and Spankings: Gina's Story (Coral Valley Spanking Series Book 7) - Kindle edition by S. M. $ Read with Kindle Unlimited to also enjoy access to over 1 million more titles $ to buy 1. Recklessness and Spankings: Amy's .

He admits Poppy is proving to be one heck of a cook. Her meals are delicious! But he wonders if she is really there to simply cook four days or if she is plotting some retaliation. Big Jack brings several of his employees along with him. He plans on giving a big announcement at the end of the retreat.

A huge snowstorm moves in suddenly, stranding all the guests on day two of four. Immediately following, Big Jack is murdered. Until the roads clear and the sheriff can arrive, everyone is trapped wondering which of them is a murderer. Then the murderer strikes again. A wonderful who-dunnit with a side of romance. What more could anyone ask?

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PJ Franklin. I fretted that we would get into trouble, and he worked out how we could burn down the school without being caught. It's been such a dismal day I'm really dying for some amusement," said Meg, as they sat sewing together that evening. I, too, have a 9 year old boy. New York is probably the safest and most helpful big city in the world in which to do that. But before that end came, we shared a special moment.

How about suspense, drama, and action? This story has it all and then some. I enjoyed trying to figure out what was really going on and who the murderer was before the author revealed it. The main characters have well developed backgrounds. The secondary ones are vague but begin to fill out as the story progresses. A delightful ride on the romance and mystery side. I loved every minute of this story and am happy to be able to highly recommend it. Her mother pulls her out of rehab that seemed to be working this time and orders Apple to travel to Amethyst, Wisconsin, where her brother, Clay, is happily married.

Since Clay left the family of wealthy lawyers to marry a hick girl, Harper, her mother has been biding her time. Now Apple has orders to bring him home and back to the law firm, preferably without the wife. Unable to deny the tyrannical rule of the mother who holds the purse strings, Apple obeys.

The Johnsons own a bunch of resort cabins on Lake Amethyst. However, all cabins are booked. Desperate, Apple agrees to rent the cabin that Bailey is still working on. Bay is the only person in town that will give Apple the time of day. She is grateful for that, considering how awful she treated him last time she was in the area.

Once in town, Apple puts off calling on Clay and does some serious soul-searching, something she began in rehab. As she procrastinates, Apple begins helping Bay fix the cabin. During this time together, Apple begins to really get to know Bailey — and herself. Bailey is the youngest of nine siblings in a close-knit family. With only the help of one sister, Tally, Bay is determined to expand the business and send his siblings their monetary part as proof to his words.

Though Apple was not considered as part of his plans, Bailey feels unable to turn her away. However, the spoiled, drugged up, drunk, rich girl has changed, seemingly for the better. As Bay begins to fall for her, he wonders if the fragile Apple should remain forbidden fruit or if he should simply accept the gift he has been given. Have tissues in hand because there is a lot of soul-searching and crying in this hard-core story that deals with drugs, alcohol, neglect, and betrayals.

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They add a bit more drama to the story. Wiesner writes in a sneaky way. The emotions flowed through me with no waring, leaving me at the mercy of her imagination. Thank goodness she believes in happily-ever-afters. Of course, there is a catch. On December twenty-fourth she must show that she is capable of taking charge of her life by presenting the Dubois award while wearing a certain black dress.

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Kathy is an emotional eater and cannot help but think she could kiss that money goodbye. How could she possibly lose that much weight in such a short amount of time? But the yummy-looking attorney, Deven York, says that not only is it possible, but he would help her. Being with such a breathtaking man so often is worth giving it a shot.

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His optimism is contagious. Deven senses a gorgeous woman lurking beneath the surface. Even overweight, he feels pulled toward her. So even though he is busy with two major cases, he volunteers to be her training coach.

Until the award event, Deven controls the money Catherine Dubois has left Kathy. Brenda Jernigan has crafted characters, male and female, that readers will be able to relate to. She reminds me of one of my closest friends. I am betting she will remind you of one of yours, if not of yourself. With every milestone Kathy achieved I silently cheered. As for the character of Deven, he never asked Kathy to do more than he had already done himself.

You see, he, too, used to be on the chubby side. His experience has made his support and his pride of Kathy seem totally real. NOTE: In the front of the book is a contest. It ends July 21, All you must do is email the answers to two easy questions before the deadline. All-in-all, Brenda Jernigan has written a humorous, yet romantic, tale that will linger within your mind long after you finish reading the last page and close the book.

I cannot recommend this novel highly enough! Tabitha was already dead when Gabby walked into the house. Problem is, the only one who could prove it is a criminal who should not have been on the estate. Now he makes a lawful living tracking down stolen art.

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Harris had been the thief on the estate that horrible night. He had come to steal an eleven million dollar painting that was hanging over a fireplace. Instead he walked in to find a bloody room and a dying Tabitha. He was unable to save the lady. Now he returns to the estate to appraise the personal property for the estate lawyers and Stephen Wright, the uncle of the famously slain lady, and the man determined to prove Gabby as the assassin. But Harris is determined to prove Gabby innocent.

With any luck, he will be able to do it without implicating himself.